Before You Decide To Venture Out Alone . . .
Eliminate Your Desperate, Lonely Feeling Every Time You Write!

Going it alone is 10 times harder!


You have read my stories about having to learn to write well without any help.  Those lonely feelings will not fade anytime soon.  Just recently, that same event happened when I took a creative approach for a brand new client.  The result was “one strike, and you are OUT!”

I was stunned!

I really thought this person was different than the ones I had never actually spoken with over the phone.  I thought maybe this one could handle my creative approach.  Wow!, was I in for a surprise!  No explanation!  Even made comments like, “we will decide how we want to move forward from here!”

I have always wished that people could simply be honest with me.  Writers are expected to be mind readers.  That is the most difficult part of writing.

Clients know exactly what they want from a writer.  Readers know exactly what they want to read.  As a writer, I was between high expectations and a blank page.  I needed a crystal ball.  I never understood why people with such exact requirements would make such vague requests.


Great clients are rare!

I always wanted to hold on to the great ones and let the perfectionists get lost in the shuffle.  I have had some rotten experiences that no one should have to endure.

I was always a team player.  I found out that few people were willing to share their tips and tricks that made writing easier.  No one ever wanted to exchange emails or help me in any way.  That level of “win/lose” is beyond my comprehension.  In so many ways, writing is a lonely journey.

Another puzzling fact was that no one would share sources of writing work.  Secrecy about websites, clients and freelance opportunities created a sense of mistrust between people who could have created an amazing network of talented writers.
Sound familiar to you?


Do you get tired of feeling like
you are all alone in some secret society?

I have grown tired of feeling like I have to keep secrets from other people just to “compete.”  Maybe the time has come for all of us to spend more time helping each other.  I no longer want to look at every person as someone who might take work away from me.  In writing circles, everyone can find more than enough work to do.

Your writing is different from mine.  Everyone has a unique style that fills a need for others.  Writing skills are easier to develop when we have someone who will answer our questions and provide some honest feedback.  Clients would be wise to provide some honest input to the process instead of looking for the perfect writer.


I have wanted to establish a group that breaks through the barriers to sharing!


Imagine having a source of information that would help you to improve your writing.

  • Ask a question and get more than one suggestion for your writing
  • Offer your insights to others when you participate in the group
  • Reduce the guesswork when you have to do something for the first time
  • Have other people encourage you when a client “kicks you to the curb”

Allow me to introduce my solution to
the dilemmas I have listed!



This group will be comprised of people who recognize the importance of the written word in many facets of business and life.  You might be a blogger who wants new ideas.  Maybe you are a writer who wants to be more efficient in your writing.  Your profession might be teacher, photographer or traditional business owner.  Writing creates an impression about you that can grow your business.

Participation in the group is an opportunity to hear from others and offer your opinions.  As a member, you will find more ideas for your writing.  Instead of wondering what to write, you will find countless ideas that can be applied to many different areas.  Maybe you are tired of seeing competitors everywhere you look.

Writers Rhapsody is intended for writers of all types with aspirations to write about countless topics.  Members will exchange ideas and help one another with the various forms of writing that matter in business.  Honest opinions will create opportunities to improve with someone to walk the road with you.

What would your membership
in Writers Rhapsody be worth to you?


You will participate in activities that benefit all members:

  • Write more often and meet your readers’ needs
  • Improve your writing through participation in various challenges
  • Generate more traffic for your sites
  • Increase the number of times your content is shared
  • Write better content in less time, and less editing

In your business, you might discover that writing your own sales pages, webpage copy and blog entries is more enjoyable than trying to find someone who is able to meet your requirements.  As a member, you will have people to ask for input about your writing and approach to the material.

Mialei, allow me to join!
I am tired of being an island out here!

Writers Rhapsody - Monthly Membership!

  • Yes! – I will participate with other people to make a great group!
  • Yes! – I recognize the need for writing in many aspect of my business!
  • Yes! – I hope to find more ideas for my writing!
  • Yes! – I believe working together is better for all of us!
Writers Rhapsody - Membership

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P.P.S. – This group will thrive when everyone participates and offers input to other members.  Your idea fountain will never run dry again when you can participate in challenges.  Other people are waiting for you to join the group and participate consistently.  Will you deprive other members of your valuable skills and insights?  Be one of the first members and offer great suggestions to improve our group!